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The Sri Lankan Scientist is the premier science information sharing magazine in Sri Lanka covering and integrating the all most all the disciplines of modern day sciences and both vertical and horizontal knowledge levels in the country. This is a quarterly publication on recent researches published or to be published, talks of local scientists, research abstracts, articles, news articles, technology introductions, scientific short stories, classified ads of relevant areas and selected industry advertisements, and etc which go with the policy & guidelines of the magazine.

The target audience will be anyone thirst for life science knowledge, This segment includes scientists in all academic, research and applied research labs, graduates of BSc, BVSc, BPharm, MBBS, MSc, MPhil, MD, PhD, and Post Docs, undergraduates, AL students of Science stream and at last the social activists like environmentalists, sociologists and media personnel.

The Sri Lankan Scientist will have a scientific editorial board of sufficient knowledge and experience for the relevant discipline for scientific articles, research abstracts and research articles and they highly reviewed for consistent quality of the information and presentation.


The SL Scientist magazine

Vision – be the premier life science magazine in Sri Lanka

Mission – providing an attractive Sri Lankan platform for scientific knowledge to flow into due audience

Objectives –

1. Become the premier quality life science magazine for all science loving individuals

2. Provide a platform to Integrate life science knowledge among different disciplines which benefit collectively for knowledge & technology seeking community of Sri Lanka

3. Develop mostly engaged scientific website in Sri Lanka

4. Offer a research scholarships, travel grants for each discipline by 2016



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e mail - editor@srilankascientist.com
Telephone - 0716855379 - Sisira / 0715454369 - Dilip