Japanese Government(Monbukagakusho:MEXT) Scholarships for 2019 – Research Students

Japan Scholaships

Applications are invited from citizens of Sri Lanka for selection of suitable candidates to be nominated for postgraduate scholarships offered by the Government of Japan.
1. General eligibility requirements:

(a) All candidates should be citizens of Sri Lanka.
(b) Age: Applicant should be born on or after April 2, 1984
(c) Should possess a Bachelor’s Degree with a Second Class lower Division or above in the relevant field of study from a recognized university and a relevant Master’s degree for PhD studies.
(d) Should possess a high proficiency in English.
(e) Should be employed in a Ministry/Department/University/State Sector or Private Sector Institution.
(f) No application will be entertained from a person holding a temporary/casual/contractual appointment or a person who is unemployed. Only permanent and confirmed employees will be considered for the scholarships.
(g) Employees on probation in the Universities are eligible to apply, provided that his/her confirmation is conditional upon acquiring a specified postgraduate qualification.

A lecturer on probation is eligible to apply when he/she has been in continuous service for a period of one year from the date of his/her appointment by (As per the UGC-ECode Chapter X. Division II, 27:3)

2. Scholarship benefits:

(a) Airfare to Japan and back on completion of studies.
(b) A monthly allowance of

i. 143,000 yen per month for a research students
ii. 144,000 yen per month for a Master or a professional degree program
iii. 145,000 yen per month for a Doctoral program

(c) Approved tuition and examination fees.
(d) A supplemental regional allowance of 2,000 or 3,000 yen
Scholars are required to bring approximately US$ 2,000 to cover immediate needs just after arrival in Japan.

3. Applications:

(a) Every application should confirm to specimen provided.
(b) The words “Japanese Government, Postgraduate Research Scholarships 2019” should be written on top left hand corner of the envelope containing the application.
(c) No application from an employee will be entertained unless channeled through the Head of the Institution concerned. He/ She should in forwarding the application appropriately complete the certificate in cage 16 of the application.
(d) No application will be entertained from a person who has entered into an agreement or bond to serve the Government of Sri Lanka, a State Sector Institute unless he/she shall have completed by 24.05.2018, the full period specified in such agreement or bond and shall have discharged fully all the other obligations under such agreement or bond.

However, an application of a University academic who has studied abroad on his/her own expense or on a scholarship received from a source other than through his/her University, can be considered if he/she has completed at least 2 years of his /her mandatory service period as per the agreement provided that the Vice Chancellor recommends the application as per the provisions of the University Establishment Code.

(e) Any statement in the application, which is found to be incorrect, will render the applicant liable to disqualification, if the inaccuracy is discovered before selection and to the withdrawal of award, if discovered after selection.
(f) Closing date: Application will be accepted only up to on 24.05.2018.
(g) Applications should be sent to the following address by registered post or by hand to reach on or before the closing date.

Ministry of Higher Education and Highways,
Higher Education Division,
18, Ward Place,
Colombo 07.

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