Second National Workshop on Intellectual Property (IP) Commercialization in the Framework of the Enabling IP Environment (EIE) Project, Sri Lanka

WIPO Workshop

The 2nd National Workshop on Intellectual Property (IP) Commercialization was held from 17th   to 21st   September, 2018 at Waters edge, Battaramulla. The workshop was organized by the Coordinating Secretariat for Science Technology and Innovation (COSTI), Ministry of Science, Technology, Research, Skills Development & Vocational Training, and Kandyan Heritage in cooperation with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the National Intellectual Property Office under the Enabling IP Environment (EIE) Project of Sri Lanka.

Prof. Ajith
Prof. Ajith de Alwis speaking during a session.

EIE Project Sri Lanka has been launched by WIPO with the objective of increasing the human capacity of Sri Lanka for technology development, management and commercialization. The project aims at developing a critical mass of personnel within a select group of university and research institutes on the role of technology transfer with the technical support from WIPO consultants. The project is implementing by using a Hub & Spoke structure. NIPO is acting as the project secretariat and COSTI is working as the hub institute while selected Universities and R & D institutes are working as spoke institutes. The hub is working as the leading institution, responsible for over-all project operations and processes while the spokes are the country’s foremost technology generators through R & D.

Award winning inventor and scientist Mr. Manju Gunawardene speaking on some of his recent achievements.


Representative from the WIPO conducting an interactive session during the workshop.
Some of the participants of the event

The first workshop on Technology Transfer and IP Management was held in November, 2017 targeting on developing IP based technology transfer & commercialization system in selected university and R&D institutes. As a continuation of the first workshop, the second workshop was organized to align the expectations of technology-related transactions of university/ research institutes and their industry counterparts. The workshop introduced the role of “Intrapreneur” for the industry sector in the purpose of technology acquisition and open innovation in collaboration with university/ research institutes.

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Bhagya Herath

Deputy Manager, 

The Coordinating Secretariat for Science, Technology and Innovation (COSTI)



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